For entrepreneurships



What can an entrepreneurship benefit from the European Investment Plan?

The guarantee provided by European Investment Plan eases the entrepreneurships to get loans for their investments, therefore it gives Your company a stonger loan protection.

For large investments:




In case of a more than €25 million EIB loan: the goverment or the private entrepreneurship may contact directly with the EIB.

Investments under €25 million need categorizing on a common investment platform to present them to the EIB.

Small and medium-sized businesses / mid-caps:

The supplementary device of the EIB, the European Investment Fund (EIF) is an available device for small and medium-sized businesses. In case of a loan of more than €7 million these entrepreneurships may contact directly tith the EIF. Investments under this value entrepreneurships may contact with the financial intermediaries.

Who are the financial intermediaries in Hungary?

Who can apply?

  • Companies of all sizes
  • Utilities
  • Public sector entities
  • National promotional banks or other banks
    providing intermediated loans
  • Bespoke investment platforms

What projects can be financed?

  • Commercially sound, and economically and technically viable
  • Contributing to EU objectives, sustainable growth and employment
  • Mature enough to be bankable
  • Priced in a manner commensurate with the risk taken

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