Terms and conditions

Terms and condition for "Get the picture" photo contest


The purpose of this contest


The Europe Direct Information Centre Somogy County is running a photo contest called "Get the picture!" in order to promote the EU-financed investments in our close surrounding. We would like to encourge everybody to use your creativity and roam your local area and discover any buildings or facilities financed by EU funds.

Participating in the 'Get the picture!" photo contest is free of charge. You only need to find EU funded investments in Somogy County.

Who can participate

Anyone can participate, should they be 0 or 99, only the permanent or temporary address should be in Somogy County, except for the officers and employees of Somogy Chamber of Commerce and Industry. However, if you are still under 16, your parents' permission is neccessary for data management and for participation in the contest - this contribution form can be dowloaded HERE.

Who runs the project

The project is being organized and fulfilled by the Europe Direct Information Centre operating withtin the Somogy Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

What photos are expected

We would like you to take photos of investments in Somogy County accomplished with EU funds. In order to prove the origin of your picture, someone, even the prhotographer him/herself shall be there in the photo.

When submitting your photos, please give us

  • your user name
  • name of village, town or city (where the photo was taken)
  • description of the investment (search for the blue and white board somewhere)
  • the sum (the blue and white board will help you again)

What should you consider submitting your photos?

A user is entitled to use only one username. Take care of the contect of your photos not to go beyond the bounds of decency and morality. It is forbidden to submit photos hurting others or their good taste. Useful to know that all photos will be moderated before disclosing.

Aspects being considered when selecting winners

We hope you decided to roam our nice county and submit your photos to our website. Here you can see the categories and prizes:

  • „Who counts on quality” – the winner is the one who takes the most beautiful photo of all
  • „Who counts on quantity” – the winner is the one who finds the most investments (submitted by the same username)
  • „Who counts on friends” – the winner is the one who gets the most votes
  • „Photomaniacs” – the winner is the one who takes the funniest pic of all

Who will judge the submitted photos?

In three categories the jury of Somogy Chamber of Commerce and Industry will evaluate the submitted photos and choose the winners. In the fourth category, the audience will decide - so go and ask your friends to like your photos.

Have a look at the submitted photos in the PHOTO GALERY and like your favourites.

The prizes

The winner of each category will be awarded and given a tablet. They will be informed till 15 October, 2017 and there names will be disclosed on our website, www.keruljkepbe.hu and on the facebook and website of Europe Direct.

The winners will be invited for a lovely ceremony to receive their awards.

Contest timeline

Registration and submitting is open between 11 May and 15 Sep., 2017 here: www.keruljkepbe.hu.

Winners will be selected till 30 Sep., and they will be informed till 15 Oct., 2017.

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